Location Information

  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church
  • 194 Fourth Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2L6 CA

Schedule : Friday, May 26

18:30Welcome, Registration, Praise & Worship

19:00Small Groups

19:20Identity Talk

Sr. Meagan Gruninger, SC


20:10Intimacy Talk

Fr. Roger Vandenakker, CC

20:50Small Groups

21:20Closing Remarks

Saturday, May 27


9:15The Power of the Gospel Talk + Activations

Bryan O’Donnell


10:30Demonstrating the Gospel /Prayer Ministry + Activations

Bryan O’Donnell

11:30Praise & Worship

12:15Lunch + Go Out!

13:45Praise & Worship

14:00Power of Testimony

Bryan O’Donnell

14:30Large Group

15:10Small Groups



Archbishop Marcel Damphousse


19:30Holy Spirit Talk

Fr. Ben St. Croix, CC

20:15Adoration | PW | Corporate prayer | Individual prayer ministry

Sunday, May 28

18:00Welcome & Worship

18:15Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

18:45Healing Service

Fr. Ken Lao / Bryan O'Donnell

21:30Reposition of the Blessed Sacrament

** Schedule subject to change **


Bryan O'Donnell

Founder of Urban Encounter Ministries

Fr. Roger Vandenakker, CC

Fr. Ben St. Croix, CC

Sr. Meagan Gruninger, SC

Archbishop Marcel Damphousse

Saturday Vigil Mass Celebrant

Fr. Ken Lao, CC

Sunday Healing Service

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